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Associate Training Program

Introduce employees to our Cleaning System verbally, visually and provide them with a written training program.  Explain how each task is done from beginning to end.  Stressing importance ‘why’ they are doing each part of the job.  Explain repercussions of taking shortcuts or doing task their way.  Although, there is abundant amount of information thrown at them as new employees these job aids will guide them until they are comfortable and confident in their work.

Management/Supervisor will provide visuals to new employees by ‘showing and demonstrating’ to them how each job is performed correctly.  The supervisor will signify the importance of each task and why these tasks must be completed properly.  Each employee will have an understanding ‘why’ they should perform the task in a particular sequence and what happens when the sequence is not followed.

The employee will perform the task while supervisor/management observe; with execution and practice they will learn how to perform each task properly.  Provide Positive reinforcement when the task is done correctly and offering constructive feedback when necessary.  Set a timeline with employees to review their training knowledge.  Go over procedures every day for first 2 weeks, staying on top of the training process, reinforcing employee knowledge to ensure standards are being met at an executive level.

By soliciting feedback from each new employee with the use of the Training Instructor Evaluation Form we will ensure they are receiving the proper development and continuous training.  This process will allow us to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the high standards and expectations set by EBS and our customers.   The feedback will also allow us to ensure each employee is receiving the proper training.  This form is for the trainees to use to evaluate our training program and instructors after completing the training process.

Employees will receive consistent coaching so that we can enhance our team skills.  Supervisors/management will revisit various training on a regular basis with all employees.  Keep information fresh and fun.

Employee retention by our 4-step process:

  • Hire
  • Train
  • Reward
  • Retain
    • Provide the tools our employees need to be effective and efficient.
    • Invest in the best product that will allow our employees to do their job well.
    • Supervisors/management create a positive work environment with encouragement and motivation.