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The Benefits of Fogging Technology

Fogging can help prevent the spread of viruses and diseases, such as Coronavirus (Covid-19), that can rest on surfaces or carried as an airborne bacterium. The purpose is to create and dispense an EPA disinfectant to reduce the numbers of microorganisms and apply that disinfectant to surfaces that are difficult to reach. Sanitizing Foggers should not replace your traditional cleaning activities; it is an addition that will give your workplace an even deeper clean. Fogging solution goes to 18 mass micron solution which is odorless, colorless, and completely safe to humans, animals, plants and will not damage your office electronics.

We encourage all facilities to use chemical fogging as its proven to kill 99.9 % of pathogens and will help your facility prevent Covid-19 causing further disruption to businesses.

Ultimately, keeping people safe is the number one priority. Fogging provides extra sanitizing to hard-to-reach surfaces and airborne virus giving extra peace of mind to your staff, clients, and visitors.

The treatment can be done quickly and cost effectively with next to zero impact on operations, no-wipe, no-rinse, and no-residue treatment that dries in a matter of minutes, allowing employees and guests to resume facility, use and day to day task without interruption.

Cumulus Knoxville on Executive Building Solutions' COVID-19 Fogging Service
How Does Fogging Technology Work?

Designed to cover entire surface area in less time. With the Electrostatic Disinfectant Fogger, periodic after-hours use to coat surface with electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and provide large scale disbursement of EPA registered disinfectant on to hard-to-reach surfaces to help kill airborne and surface bacteria. Fogging allows our technicians the ability to sanitize going beyond daily high- touch disinfectant, especially for hard-to-reach surfaces. This, along with a through manual pre-cleaning, will effectively sanitize all surfaces where others cannot reach.

Businesses are all looking for the best solution to help protect their visitors and employees, as the entire world adjusts to the “New Normal” of Covid-19 and other superbugs. Better disinfection and protection methods are required to provide safe and productive environments for everyone.

Is your commercial space safe and clean?

It is more important than ever to provide proven assurance that you are doing more to make your facilities safe and clean, with the current heightened awareness of the impact and health concern.

Let EBS help you create a better environment for your staff and customers. Free consultations!

We have utilized this technology since 2007, this is not new technology to EBS. Our techs are trained and knowledgeable to ensure your facility is fully sanitized.